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Photographer. Author. Speaker.

Regarded as one of the UK's most renowned landscape photographers, Derry Brabbs has hiked across fells, dales, coastal paths and pilgrimage routes to produce a collection of over 30 illustrated books in a career spanning decades.

Whilst perhaps best-known for his popular collaborations with James Herriot (Alf Wight) and Wainwright, Derry has also emerged as a respected heritage author in his own right, penning and illustrating 13 titles including England's Heritage, The River Thames, Pilgrimage and The Roads to Santiago.


Derry's evocative style of photography has long captivated readers across the globe, whether they too have trodden the trails and marvelled at the breathtaking views he shares - or dream of doing so from the comfort of their armchairs.

In recent years his lens has turned to the wonders of Europe's arduous pilgrimage routes and rich religious sites. Traversing several countries in the footsteps of the devout who have gone before him, Derry has produced an unmatched trilogy of illustrated books that shine a light on this increasingly popular act of devotion. 

His upcoming title to complete the series, Great Pilgrimage Routes of Europe, is set to gain Derry even more fans who appreciate his photographic artistry and passion for his subject matter.

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