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One-to-One Tuition with Flexible Dates !

I have suspended (but not altogether abandoned) conventional, group workshops in favour of working exclusively with individuals (or couples). Despite restricting guest numbers, I have been unable to devote as much time to each photographer as I would have liked and although individuals will now have to pay slightly more than applicable to previous group rates, I believe the benefits derived from such intensive tuition and advice will be ample compensation.
Go to: Terms & Conditions for costs.

I am also mindful of how fickle the weather can be and having paid for a day’s landscape photography, who really wants to be pointlessly squelching around in the pouring rain taking pictures of fungi or dripping leaves?  There always has to be a degree of latitude in my own schedule and for those who can be equally flexible, we can ensure workshops take place under optimum lighting conditions rather than an umbrella.

Email me to request a workshop for either a specific date and location, or leave it to me to create a program to suit your particular needs. I have left details of three sample workshops on this page to give an idea of potential subjects and locations.

My intimate knowledge of these stunningly beautiful national parks has been acquired over the two decades I spent photographing them for authors James Herriot and Alfred Wainwright and that experience will be harnessed to ensure that we are at the best locations at the optimum time of day.

Regardless of where they take place, my workshops are designed to increase awareness of a particular landscape’s visual potential and improve a photographer’s creative and compositional skills, I also help them evaluate the merit, or otherwise, of prevailing or imminent lighting  conditions and what types of filter can be used to enhance an image.

My aspiration is to ensure that everybody who joins me  not only returns home with a set of fabulous images and improved photographic skills, but also has a memorable expedition to some of England’s finest countryside.