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Update October 2017

Although my new book, Pilgrimage pursues the same theme as its 2008 predecessor, The Roads to Santiago, its scope is far broader and features 10 pilgrimage routes in Great Britain and Europe. The Via Podiensis in France and the Camino Frances across Spain are revisited and other chapters include the majestic Via de la Plata from Seville to Santiago de Compostela, two sections of the vast network of Jakobsweg routes within Germany, the Pilgrim’s Way in England and the entire Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome.
I admit to being slightly biased but it really does look lovely thanks to an amazing design layout and final picture edit by Arianna Osti, a hugely talented publishing designer from Milan. When photographing a book comprising a final total of over 220 images, there has to be a big enough choice of pictures relevant to the narrative to ensure the complex jigsaw of each chapter can be assembled in an aesthetically pleasing way. That process inevitably results in casualties and consequently some of my favourite images did not make the final cut but I did manage to secure a reprieve for a couple that were particularly dear to my heart!

Pilgrimage was shot on a full-frame Canon 6D using 24-70mm and 70-200mm zoom lenses equipped with 3-stop image stabilization, an invaluable piece of photographic technology that allows one to get a successful outcome from even the darkest churches and cathedrals, especially now that tripods are banned from so many places. I still have my Olympus OM4-ti and a few rolls of 50 ISO Fuji Velvia film lurking in the fridge but although a joy to hold and a camera that invokes waves of nostalgia, it would not have enabled me to cope with the complexities of a book such as Pilgrimage.

We now take digital photography for granted and just one camera and HD card allows us to work in any lighting conditions but perhaps the greatest benefit for a photographer working abroad on a tight schedule and without the time or budget for reshoots is to be able to check the results before moving on the next location. I still vividly recollect the anxious times spent waiting for rolls of film to be processed and either the joy of seeing sheets of perfectly exposed transparencies on the light box or the utter despair when things had gone wrong.

One-to-One Tuition with Flexible Date
I am still offering photographers the opportunity to enjoy one-to-one tuition at competitive rates. I am flexible with my dates to ensure we get the best weather and if you can be too, it avoids the necessity of spending a ‘workshop’ day huddled under an umbrella!

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